I am a professional dancer and teacher of ´Ori Tahiti

My journey with Polynesian Dance began with Rapa Nui dance 12 years ago, after that I discovered ´Ori Tahiti and completely fell in love with this expression of culture, the deep knowledge of nature, energies and spirituality

Dance accompanied me throughout my life and healed me in every way, it was my anchor with the earth, my body and reality. I am grateful for it, and because of that, my mission is to show this path to other women and help them discover wellbeing in themselves

I start from the knowledge that we are much more than this body and that our body is analogous to Nature. When dancing and expressing the natural patterns of the earth, alchemical processes occur that help us to be more aware and connected to the source

I am currently living in Tahiti, studying and learning more about the culture, dance and experiencing it on my own

About this Course

This ´Ori Tahiti Dance Course is created to have appropriate knowledge from the foundations

My goal is to establish the technical bases and share cultural fundaments

Give a more conscious and deeper sense of what we are doing with our body, creating wellbeing and health for body, spirit and soul

To awaken your feminine energy and connect to your body

You do not need to have any prior dance experience to join to this course

Learn from the Basics at your own path

  • 12 Videos
  • 6,5h Video Material
  • Exclusive Choreography
  • 16 Basic Steps, Postures, Hand Postures, Tahitian names and translation
  • Sequences
  • Symbolisms
  • Includes warmup and stretch
  • Flexibility and endurance
  • Exercises oriented to connect to your body
  • Music playlist